This page will provide links to professional development and faculty development resources:

The National Academy for Academic Leadership -

Professional and Organizational Development (POD) -

Faculty Development Associates -

Educause -

University System of Georgia - Teaching and Learning Resources -

Getting Results - a Professional Development Course for Community College Educators -

Disrupting Class -

Using case studies in teaching:

Using case studies in teaching - a video -

Using Twitter in the classroom -

Using wikis and blogs -

Designing a course around a wiki -

Ensuring Higher Education Opportunities for all - Temple University Institute on Disabilities -

Resources on Current Trends in Education:

The Future of Higher Education -

Are certificates the future of higher education -

Reclaiming the American Dream:

2020 Students - 2020 Students.pdf

National Commission on Accountability in Higher Education report- accountability.pdf

Resources on leadership:

Here is an excerpt from Preskill, S., & Brookfield, S. D. (2009). Learning as a way of leading: Lessons from the struggle for social justice. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass: preskill_chap_01.pdf

Here is an excerpt from Ciulla, J. B. (1998). Leadership ethics: Mapping the territory. In J. Ciulla (Ed.). Ethics,
The Heart of Leadership. (pp.3-25). Westport,CT: Praeger:

Coles, R. (2001). Lives of moral leadership: Men & women who have made a difference.
New York: Random House Trade Paperbacks.