We will use this page for our English Language Learners course while we wait for everyone to have access to Blackboard. Please find materials below that you will use to answer discussion questions and complete assessments. You can add your own resources to this page as well - please feel free to do so:

English Language Learners Course Overview

ELL Research Brief

The first online discussion will take place next week from May 27th to June 2rd. Please go up to the right of this page where you see something that looks like a pin and click there, and you will see the question. You can create a new post and answer the question there. You should respond to at least two other classmates' posts to receive full credit. The Can Do Indicators (which is the topic of the discussion) can be found below.

Can Do Indicators

You second discussion revolves around participation in the ELL module below. This discussion will take place between June 3 and June 9th.

Please go through this module on Teaching English Language Learners - http://iris.peabody.vanderbilt.edu/module/ell/
Answer the questions in your second discussion post. If you have difficulty, go back and review the Perspectives & Resources pages in this module.
  1. Compare and contrast BICS and CALP. Name one point that you think teachers should know about second language acquisition.
  2. Think about a lesson that you might teach. Briefly describe it and at least four types of sheltered instructional supports you might provide for your ELL students.
  3. Watch the video entitled Assessment on the page above to see a second-grade teacher introduce the properties of matter (time: 3:11).

When we meet again on the 10th, please complete the assessment on Total Participation Techniques which we will discuss in our face to face meeting. Below you will find PowerPoints describing Total Participation Techniques. Please review these ahead of time and be prepared to discuss these in our class meeting on June 10th.

Total Participation Techniques Part 1

Total Participation Techniques - Part 2

Assessments Due in this course:

  1. Please read "Core Strategies to Support ELLs," an article regarding teaching English language learners, write a two to three page paper reflecting on the article. Please make connections to our course materials using in-text citations in APA. This is worth 50 points. Core Strategies ELL Article
  2. Total Participation Technique Folder - You will create a total participation folder with several of the materials we discussed in class. The folder will be presented in class.
  3. Research Annotated Bibliography - This assignment will consist of a list of multicultural children’s books. Your bibliography must include at least 10 books. Descriptions, applications, & related assignments for each source will be required. APA format is required.
  4. Culture Presentation - You will research a culture different than your own. You will describe the culture as it relates to the educational setting. You will share ideas for addressing the educational needs of a student from that culture. Length: 5 – 10 minutes.
  5. ELL Strategy Presentation - please choose three strategies from the 50 strategies book and present the strategies to the class.
  6. Complete three lesson plans - math, science, and social studies and provide specific ways to meet the needs of English Language Learners.

Are you Culturally Responsive