Assessment has become a critical component of higher education institutions. Below are a few resources regarding the importance of assessment and using student feedback to improve teaching and learning. Please add your own resources as well:

Here are some resources regarding Middle States and the importance of linking learning outcomes and assessment at both the student and institutional level:

Here are some resources for assessing student learning outcomes:

Click here to view a case story from Merlot on integrative learning:

Here is an article about the book "Academically Adrift"

50 ways to assess learning -

Declining by Degree - if you have not yet seen this documentary from 2005, take some time and watch it -

Here is a preview of Declining by Degree - I was able to watch the entire documentary on Netflix -

Using student feedback:

The Spellings Report of 2006 is also an important document that all instructors and members of higher education institutions should take the time to read:

Creating a Test Plan:

PowerPoint for Creating a Test Plan - Developing a Test Plan.pptx
Sample of a Test Plan - sample_test_plan.pdf
Sample assessment with test - sample_assessment_with_test.pdf